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Choosing the Right Viper Dartboard for You

You have a few options for finding the right Viper Dartboard. The Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard, Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard, and Viper Vault Deluxe Dartboard are some of the most popular choices in the market. Each one offers unique features, so it's important to understand the differences between each model to make an informed decision. This blog post compares three popular Viper Dartboards and discusses their features and benefits.

Overview of Viper Dartboards

Viper is a well-known brand in the world of darts. Their electronic dartboards are particularly popular, offering advanced features like LCD screens and automated scoring. They have various options, but the three models compared here are the Viper Solar Blast, Neptune, and Vault Deluxe. Each dartboard has unique features and benefits that can help you choose the one that suits your preferences and budget. This blog post takes an in-depth look at these three Viper Dartboards to help you decide which is best.

Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard

The Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard is a top choice for players who want a versatile and user-friendly dartboard. This model has a large target area with a 15.5-inch diameter, perfect for group games or practicing your skills. The board is compatible with steel and soft-tip darts, making it an ideal option for players who like to switch between them. It also features 43 games with 187 options so you won't get bored quickly. With bright LED lights and a high-quality build, the Viper Solar Blast is an excellent option for anyone looking to elevate their darts game.

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

The Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard is a mid-range option that offers 57 different games with 307 options for different variations. This board has a larger 15.5-inch target face, making it easier for beginners to hit their mark. It also features bright LCD displays, and multiple language options, which can help if you have non-English speaking guests. The board also includes six soft-tip darts and an AC adapter. One unique feature of Neptune is its ability to display player rankings based on wins and losses, which adds a fun, competitive element to the game.

Viper Vault Deluxe Dartboard

The Viper Vault Deluxe Dartboard is a stylish, high-quality option for beginners and seasoned players. Its thin spider wiring ensures a larger target area, while the self-healing board helps extend the board's lifespan. The board also features a built-in LED display for scorekeeping and a unique locking mechanism that securely holds darts in place. Additionally, it comes with six soft-tip darts and 30 replacement tips, making it an excellent value for its price. The Viper Vault Deluxe Dartboard is a great choice for those who value style and functionality.


When it comes to choosing the right Viper Dartboard for you, it all depends on your preferences and budget. The Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard offers versatility and user-friendliness, making it great for group games and individual practice. The Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard provides a wide range of games and options, along with the added fun of player rankings. Finally, the Viper Vault Deluxe Dartboard combines style and functionality with a larger target area and a secure locking mechanism. Consider your needs and preferences, and choose the Viper Dartboard that suits you best. Happy darting!

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