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Comparing Top Electronic Dartboards with Scorers

Bring home the fun of darting with your own electronic dartboard. It’s a great addition for your rec room, man cave, basement, garage, or home lounge. You can even set it up in your home office to provide you with some fun recreation whenever you’re ready for a break.

Top electronic dartboards include these features:

  • Dartboard scorer with a wide range of scoring options
  • Multiple player scoring
  • Built-in dart storage
  • Attractive, functional cabinetry

But which electronic dartboard is right for you? We present you with a comparison of three of the top products in the industry, manufactured by Viper.

For the Ultimate in Dartboard Scorer Capabilities

The Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard brings you a wide assortment of game play and scoring options, letting you get as competitive as you want. A hybrid cabinet and dartboard, the Neptune Electronic Dartboard lets up to 16 players enjoy 57 different games, with an impressive 307 scoring options.

This bundle comes with all of the following:

  • In-cabinet electronic dartboard
  • Blazer soft tip darts
  • 50 Tufflex II dart tips
  • Tip remover tool
  • Missed dart catch ring
  • Throw line marker
  • 57 games
  • Dartboard scorer with 307 scoring options
  • For up to 16 players
  • AC adapter

The included Fat Cat Blazer soft tip darts are designed for more consistent throws. The tournament-quality regulation target face measures 15.5 inches for a comfortable size. Game options include exclusive ones, even Spanish Cricket and Minnesota. A prime pick for fun team play and friendly competition.

Casual Play and Traditional Styling

For an attractive game room addition, with a classic look and what you need to get into darting, check out the Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard. Its sleek design makes it a great choice for any wall.

This product includes:

  • Metropolitan cinnamon cabinet
  • Electronic dartboard compatible with soft tip darts
  • Laser throw line
  • Shadow buster dartboard light bundle
  • Dartboard scorer with dual LCD scoring display
  • 43 games
  • 163 scoring options
  • For up to 16 players

The premium cabinet is constructed out of solid pine with bronze hinges. The Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard has a tournament-quality, 15.5-inch regulation target face. This is a stylish choice with high-tech features you’ll love.

Built-in Storage and Specialty Games

With the Viper Electronic Dartboard and Cabinet Hybrid, you’ll get dual door storage for your fully assembled darts. The included backlit LCD display lets you play a ton of specialty games, letting you vary things up for a different experience every time.

The dartboard and cabinet hybrid comes with:

  • Electronic dartboard built into a cabinet
  • Extended backlit LCD display
  • Six starter soft tip darts
  • Throw line and measuring tape
  • 57 games
  • Dartboard scorer with over 300 scoring options
  • Up to 16 players
  • AC adapter

An excellent option for darting beginners and pros alike, the Electronic Dartboard and Cabinet Hybrid has a regulation-sized 15.5-inch target area and a surface designed for soft tip darts.

Choose Form and Function

Each of these top electronic dartboards combines the best of functional features and attractive form. They’ll bring life into any space of your choice. Easy to use and with built-in, intuitive dartboard scorers, they’ll provide you with hours of entertainment without having to leave your home.

Which one will you choose?

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