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Top Folding Game Tables by Kestell

About Kestell Furniture LLC

Kestell Furniture LLC's excellence in manufacturing the best poker tables and hardwood folding chairs dates back to the 40s. Since then, they have proudly been a family-owned and operated business.

Folks at Kestell prioritize top-notch production using the highest quality materials. Staying in the market for decades is a task, and Kestell Furniture and they have stayed true to their ethos.

Operating from the state-of-the-art 33,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in New Holstein, Wisconsin, their wide range of poker, game, and card tables is available nationwide. They have spread their reach across e-commerce platforms, billiards, bowling, and furniture retailers.

1. Kestell #83 and #91 Contemporary Folding Poker Table


The #83 and #91 models are the perfect statement piece for elevating your space. These 8-player tables are precisely crafted and are available in oak and maple with exquisite wood details engraved. The mechanism of leg folding, known as Sur-Loc Steel, gives these tables a broad lifespan without any hassles.

The #83 and #91 tables are designed with keeping minimalism and elegance in mind so they can seamlessly blend in with the other decor pieces you have in your space.


Any Kestell poker table you choose has various captivating finishes, including Fruitwood, Natural, Pecan, Mahogany, Ranch Oak, and Spanish Oak. Personalize your table with rich-colored upholstery options like billiard cloth in black, dark green, burgundy, etc. or Vinyl in black, green, and red.

The #83 and #91 models have a diameter of 57" or 52", and they weigh 60 and 50 lbs respectively, making it easy to carry and change the placement. Each table can accommodate up to 8 players, making it the ideal choice for family gatherings or game nights.

2. Kestell #86 & #98 Pedestal-Base Poker Table


The Kestell #86 & #98 Pedestal-Base Poker Tables are eye candy for those looking to amp up their space with a magnificent masterpiece. These 8-player tables, available in oak and maple, come with a sturdy and fully assembled pedestal base. You can add a touch of sophistication with Kestell poker tables to your game room or clubhouse.


The finishing of Kestells #86 & #98 models can be done in top-quality materials like Walnut, Natural, Pecan, Mahogany, Ranch Oak, or Spanish Oak. Choose from colors; black, shades of green, red, and burgundy for Billiard cloth. Or you can opt for Vinyl in black, green, and red. The variety of finishing materials and color palettes make these poker tables different from others.

These tables can enhance any space and offer ample space for a thrilling game. What makes this possible are their sizes; a diameter of 57" for #86 and 52" for #9 and a height of 29-1/2". The weights of 70 lbs and 55 lbs ensure they're easily movable. The #86 tables weigh 70 lbs. (table) and 35 lbs. (base), while the #98 table weighs 55 lbs. (table) and 35 lbs. (base).

Wrap Up

Even after decades, Kestell Furniture LLC has managed to maintain its quality and excellence and established its name in the world of poker tables. The details and features they offer are indescribable.

Get your hands on Ketsell's Folding Game Tables and take your gaming experience to a new level. Order your Kestell poker table today and experience thrilling game nights like never!

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