Top Dart Board Cabinets

Top Dart Board Cabinets Buying Guide

Are you a fan of the classic game of darts? Do you want to elevate your dart-playing experience? If so, you've come to the right place. Dart board cabinets provide stylish and protective housing for your dartboard. This also adds a touch of sophistication to your game room or man cave.

This article will discuss why dartboard cabinets matter. Moreover, this will share the different types available and how to choose the best one. You will gain insights into the advantages of storage, design, and protection these cabinets offer. Curious about which cabinet is right for you? Keep reading to find out and improve your dart game!


Why Is a Good Dart Board Cabinet Important?

For many, darts is more than a game. It's a passion, an art form, and sometimes even a family tradition. Dartboard cabinets seem like decorative pieces. But, they are essential in a darts setup. This serves both practical and decorative purposes.

A dartboard cabinet is an enclosure designed to house and protect a dartboard. Made from materials like wood, MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), or metal, these cabinets are built to last. While they provide a backdrop for your games, their purpose goes beyond just that.

Benefits of Using a Dart Board Cabinet

  1. Organized Storage: With compartments for darts and other accessories, a cabinet ensures everything is in place.
  2. Enhanced Gameplay: Many cabinets feature scoreboards, making it easier to track the game’s progress.
  3. Space Conservation: Cabinets provide a designated space for the board, ensuring it doesn't encroach upon other areas.


Types of Dart Board Cabinets

There are several types of dartboard cabinets catering to different needs and preferences.

Solid Wood Cabinets

This is made from premium woods such as oak, cherry, or mahogany. These cabinets blend durability and classic aesthetics. They are ideal for those who appreciate timeless designs and long-lasting furniture pieces.

Electronic Dart Board Cabinets

These cabinets are tailored for electronic dartboards. They incorporate modern technology. This allows players to enjoy features like automatic scoring and interactive games. Ideal for players who prefer a blend of tradition with a touch of modern tech.

DIY Dart Board Cabinets

For the creative souls and those who prefer a personal touch. This allows you to make your own cabinet can be fulfilling and functional.

Making Your Own Dart Board Cabinet:

Making your own cabinet allows for personalization. This ensures it fits perfectly in your space. You'll need basic woodworking tools, good-quality wood, a design plan, and some time. 

  • Measure your dartboard first.
  • Plan for storage like shelves or dart holders.
  • Choose a finish that'll protect against darts and wear.


Top Dart Board Cabinets in the Market

Choosing the best dartboard cabinet can be challenging. Even though people have varied tastes, some cabinets get praise for their build, design, and functionality. Here are some top picks:

1. Professional Bristle Dartboard Set

The Professional Bristle Dartboard Set is a crafted board designed with dense bristle fibers. Unlike traditional paper or cork boards, the bristles close the hole upon dart removal. This ensures extended durability and consistent performance.

Core Features:

  • Self-healing bristle construction
  • Starter darts included
  • Durable design for extended use
  • Versatile aesthetic for various decors

Reasons to Buy:

This dartboard stands as a testament to durability and quality. The bristle design means fewer visible marks. This guarantees a fresh board even after countless games. Its high user rating indicates a trusted and reliable choice for those keen on getting value for their money.

Reasons to Avoid:

Though the board is of high quality, the included darts may not meet everyone's expectations. The set also lacks integrated storage and a scoreboard, which some players might find essential. 

2. Barrington Premium Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

The Barrington Woodhaven Premium Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set is a high-quality ensemble that combines aesthetics with functionality. Crafted by Barrington is a renowned Billiards company. This dartboard cabinet boasts a classic wood finish. This helps enhance any game room's elegance.

Core Features:

  • Wooden frame
  • Dual side scoreboards
  • Dart storage holes
  • LED lighting atop the cabinet
  • Dartboard and steel-tip darts included

Reasons to Buy:

This set stands out for its quality craftsmanship. This comes from a brand known for its excellence. Dual scoreboards allow efficient game tracking. It also includes a dartboard and darts for a complete playing experience.

Reasons to Avoid:

Though the board is of high quality, the included darts may not meet everyone's expectations. The set also lacks integrated storage and a scoreboard. Some players might find it essential. 

3. Thousand Oaks Barrel Customized Dartboard Cabinet

Thousand Oaks Barrel offers a unique dartboard cabinet that can be tailored to your name. While it's based on the Viper Hideaway design, its standout feature is the personalized, full-color design on the cabinet's exterior.

Core Features:

  • Customizable with your name
  • Comprehensive inner door chalkboard
  • Slim design with a 1.5” depth
  • Cabinet model is the Viper Hideaway

Reasons to Buy:

What sets the Thousand Oaks Barrel dartboard cabinet apart is the personal touch. Your name can adorn the cabinet, making it a perfect gift or a special addition to your game room. The cabinet also boasts an impressive full-door chalkboard, optimizing the space for players to keep score.

Reasons to Avoid:

The cabinet's slim design restricts the types of boards it can accommodate. Additionally, the dartboard that comes with the cabinet might not match the expectations of those more experienced in the game.

4. Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard

This bundle is a set that includes an electronic dartboard in a wooden cabinet. It's for soft-tip darts and has a big display for scores. The bundle also comes with a light for the board and a laser that shows where to stand.

Core Features:

  • Big dartboard with electronic scoring
  • Wooden cabinet for storage
  • Many game options (43 games)
  • Score display for two players
  • Can play with up to 16 people
  • Light over the dartboard
  • Laser line for standing distance

Reasons to Buy:

This dart set is a good buy if you want to play darts with friends or by yourself. It's easy to see scores, and you don't need to put marks on the wall or floor because of the light and laser. The wooden cabinet helps keep things tidy.

Reasons to Avoid:

If you want a simple or traditional dartboard, this might be too much. It's also not the best if you have a small space or a tight budget.

5. Viper Hideaway Dartboard Cabinet

The Viper Hideaway is a budget-friendly dartboard cabinet with distinct features that stand out. Sporting a basic black wood finish, it offers more than meets the eye, especially inside.

Core Features:

  • Comes with a paper dartboard
  • Slim 1.5″ depth
  • Magnetic locks on the doors
  • The entire inner door serves as a chalkboard scoreboard
  • Dartball game on the dartboard's reverse side

Reasons to Buy:

What makes the Viper Hideaway unique is its comprehensive door chalkboard. This gives players ample space for scoring. Additionally, including a less common game, Dartball, on the reverse side of the dartboard adds a fun variation. The magnetic locks on the doors add a touch of security, ensuring they remain closed when not in use.

Reasons to Avoid:

While its design is straightforward and functional, some might find it too plain. Its depth is also a limiting factor; not all boards will fit due to its slim profile. Moreover, the bundled dartboard might not meet the quality expectations of seasoned dart players.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Dart Board Cabinet

Here are factors you should consider when buying a dartboard. These factors will help ensure you get the best value for your money:

  1. Size: Ensure the cabinet fits your dartboard and the available space.
  2. Material: Opt for durable materials that can withstand dart hits.
  3. Protection: The main goal is to prevent darts from damaging walls.
  4. Storage: Look for cabinets with additional storage or scoreboards.
  5. Design: Choose one that complements your space.
  6. Mounting: Check how it mounts to ensure safety and stability.
  7. Price: Set a budget and look for cabinets that offer good value.

Select a cabinet that aligns with your space, offers protective features, and fits within your budget.



Dart board cabinets protect walls and organize darts. Various types, like wooden or electronic, enhance the darting experience. Some offer scoreboards or additional storage. The best cabinet boosts play quality and extends equipment life. Pick the one that suits your preferences.

Ready for a better dart game? Check out our collection of Dartboard Cabinets. Make the smart move and choose the best for your game!

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