Tibhar/San-Ei SP 1000 Table Review

Tibhar/San-Ei SP 1000 Table Review

With its rapid pace and precision, table tennis demands a high-quality playing surface to bring out the best in players. This is why the Tibhar SP 1000 Table is a testament to quality and performance in the world of table tennis equipment. With that in mind, here is a deep dive into the features this Tibhar ping pong table offers:


Assembling the Tibhar SP 1000 is a task that may require some time and patience. The assembly instructions provided are clear, but it's advisable to have an extra set of hands to assist in the process. The table's weight and size necessitate careful handling during assembly. Once correctly set up, the table stands solid and level, offering an ideal platform for the game.

Build Quality

The Tibhar SP 1000 is designed with professional players in mind. Its 18mm tabletop, crafted from high-quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF), is a standout feature. This thickness ensures an excellent bounce and consistent ball response. The surface remains stable over time, resisting warping, which is a common issue with thinner tables. The reinforced steel frame and undercarriage provide exceptional stability during intense rallies, so you can fully focus on your game.

Size and Space

The Tibhar SP 1000 also adheres to standard table tennis dimensions. The size is perfect for both serious players and enthusiasts, creating a professional atmosphere in your game room or sports facility. However, when folded, the table measures 61" x 65" x 21." This means it can tucked away out of sight whenever not in use.

Design and Aesthetics

The Tibhar SP 1000 is all about functionality rather than flashy aesthetics. The table's simple and minimalistic design includes a sturdy metal frame and a dark blue tabletop. It may not boast the most eye-catching design, but it embodies the professional spirit of the game. The net and post set included are of tournament-grade quality, adding to the overall value.

Gameplay Experience

The most important aspect of any table tennis table is the playing experience it provides, and this Tibhar table tennis table excels in this regard. The 18mm MDF tabletop delivers a consistent bounce, ensuring that your shots are precise. Whether you're playing ping pong for the first time or it's your 100th game, you'll love the quality of the playing surface.

Furthermore, the undercarriage comes with a 40 × 40 mm square profile tube, ensuring the table remains stable even during the longest of rallies. The table doesn't wobble or move out of place! That said, this Tibhar ping pong table has eight wheels, measuring 75mm. Such a feature makes it easy to move when necessary, and the wheels securely lock in place during play.


The Tibhar SP 1000 table comes with a high-quality net and post set designed to meet tournament standards. While this is a significant accessory, this Tibhar table tennis table doesn't include paddles or balls. However, that is not an issue, as professional players often have their preferred equipment, and this omission allows players to select their preferred paddles and balls suited to their playing style.

Price and Value

The Tibhar SP 1000 costs around $995.00. However, the price tag is justified, especially for players passionate about table tennis. Its 18mm MDF top and professional-grade features make it a standout table in its class. The price reflects the quality and offers long-term value for those dedicated to their game. Ultimately, the table's durability ensures that it will serve you well for years, making it a wise investment.

Wrapping Up

At My Game Tables, we offer an extensive selection of table tennis tables featuring options from renowned brands like Stiga, Joola, and Tibhar. So, head over to our website now to find the perfect ping pong table that meets all your table tennis needs!

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