stiga Optimal 30 table tennis table

The Stiga optimum 30-table tennis table

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the Stiga Optimum 30-Table Tennis Table. This Tennis Table boasts a remarkable 30mm thick playing surface that adds consistent bounce for a world-class performance. Despite its added weight, sturdy structure, and varnished surface, it offers a true gaming experience. The Stiga Optimum 30-table is known for its semi-automatic lock and fold mechanisms.

Key features of this table include a robust 2.4-inch steel apron, sturdy 2.4 x 1.6-inch steel legs equipped with levelers for stability, and easy storage and setup. Thanks to the 4-inch locking ball-bearing casters, you can smoothly maneuver the ball.


This table tennis table boasts a remarkable array of features designed to elevate the playing experience:

  • Optimum Bounce Technology:  The table features a substantial 30mm thick top, ensuring that the ball bounces consistently and optimally, enhancing the overall quality of your gameplay.
  • Weighs 250 lbs:  Though, heavy, the table is easy to move around, set up, and storage due to its foldable levers. Its premium quality materials account for its heavy weight.
  • Ultra-Compact Storage: When unused, the table conveniently folds into an ultra-compact form, saving space in your gaming area or storage room.
  • Self-Opening Legs and Levelers: The self-opening legs make setup a breeze, while the included levelers allow precise adjustment to ensure a level playing surface.
  • 2-2/5" Steel Apron: It improves durability and strength, ensuring long-lasting use.The steel apron enhances the appeal of the table, making it a stylish addition to your space.
  • Free Shipping: This table comes with free shipping, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for acquiring a premium table tennis experience.

Benefits of Stiga optimum 30 table tennis table:

  • Exceptional Playing Surface: Stiga is renowned for its premium playing surfaces, and the Optimum 30 is no exception. It typically features a 30mm thick top, providing consistent bounce and spin.
  • Durability: Stiga tables are known for their durability and long-lasting quality. The Optimum 30 is built to withstand heavy use and resist warping over time.
  • Adjustable Height and Leveling: The Stiga tables, Optimum 30, come with adjustable legs and leveling systems. This ensures you can set up the table on uneven surfaces and achieve a level playing field.
  • Easy Storage:  Stiga tables are often designed with user-friendly features for storage. The Optimum 30 might have compact storage and playback positions for solo play.
  • Safety Features:  Some models, like the Optimum 30, might include safety features like a locking system to prevent accidents during storage or transport.
  • Quick Setup:  Stiga tables are generally known for being easy to set up and take down, making them suitable for home use.
  • Portability: While smaller than smaller, foldable tables, the Optimum 30 may be relatively easy to move when needed, thanks to its wheeled design.


In summary, this table is a top-tier choice for table tennis enthusiasts, offering exceptional quality, durability, and performance with the added advantages of compact storage and free shipping. Whether a casual player or a competitive athlete, this table is designed to meet your needs and elevate your playing experience to new heights.

People serious about table tennis or playing at a competitive level may choose the Optimum 30 table from mygametables because it meets the high standards required for professional play.  

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