Kestell Poker Table

The Pros and Cons of the Kestell Poker Table

Are you looking to upgrade from a basic folding table to a quality gaming table? You need to get a poker table, specifically, a Kestell table. These quality poker tables come in various sizes and models for any room.

However, with any product, there are certain drawbacks. Read along to learn about the pros and cons of kestell poker table.

Innovative Design

The Kestell Poker Table is an incredibly versatile and innovative design, allowing for a variety of different-sized tables to comfortably fit up to 10 players. Kestell's patented "Folding Legs" provide for a convenient setup and breakdown process, and its raised edges provide for a more digital, modern feel.

The table has an array of different chip and card compartments, as well as armrests to maximize comfort. Although the Kestell Poker Table is known for its modern, sleek designs and innovative features, the table still has a few potential drawbacks.

While the table is already quite heavy, the additional weight of 10 players can add extra strain and make it difficult for one person to set up or break down. There is also the problem of storage, as the Kestell best poker table does not fold up nicely due to its size.


The Kestell Poker Table is known for its durability. It is constructed with high-quality materials such as black vinyl, oak cabinets, and heavy-duty hardware.

The vinyl can withstand wear and tear that comes from frequent use, and the oak cabinet is sealed with a high-end durable finish that prevents it from easily becoming worn or dingy.

With its robust construction, this table can be safely relied on for years to come. On the other hand, the Kestell Poker Table is not cheap. It is a luxury item, and the cost reflects that.

Its weight and size are also prohibitive for those looking for a smaller table that can be easily moved. Ultimately the Kestell Poker Table is an ideal choice for those who prize quality, durability, and longevity over price.

Space Efficient

The Kestell Poker Table is very space efficient. It has a neat, sleek design that makes it very easy to move around and store away quickly. The table top gives players plenty of elbow room, and the chairs offer comfortable seating. It folds up neatly, and the wrap-around cushions make it great for storage purposes.

Furthermore, the durable, folding legs make the table easily transportable. While this is great for smaller, more intimate games, the Kestell Poker Table may not be ideal for larger, more competitive games with a bigger take pot.

Also, the table takes up a lot of room when expanded, as the length is over seven feet long. This means that they are not good for areas with limited space. While the Kestell Poker Table has its disadvantages, it's space efficiency and easy portability are ideal for the casual poker lover.

Learn All About Kestell Poker Table

The Kestell Poker Table is a great addition to any game room. It offers great portability, utility, and style. The pros out weight the cons, making it a solid choice for your gaming needs.

Whether you're serious about poker or you just like to stay in the game, the Kestell Poker Table is the perfect choice. Get it today and start your poker game evolution!

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