Fat Cat Volt Air Hockey Table

Pros and Cons of the Fat Cat Volt Air Hockey Table

A Closer Look at the Fat Cat Volt Air Hockey Table

Arcade games are a fun way to pass the time and spend time with others. Having your own air hockey table allows you to host fun parties and have hours of entertainment. The Fat Cat Volt Air Hockey Table is an excellent addition to the arcade area in your basement. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of this table top hockey game.

How to Play Air Hockey

First, in order to play air hockey, you will need the proper materials. Of course, you will need an air hockey table and a puck, which is the disk that you will use to try to score. You'll want two mallets, which are the strikers you will use to hit the puck. You will want a way to keep score of the game, but many air hockey tables will keep track for you automatically.

The game itself is relatively straightforward. Each game consists of seven rounds, and whoever gets to seven points first wins the round. Some people prefer only to play one match per game, so you can choose a different way to score if you'd like.

Generally, you will want to flip a coin to see who gets first possession. The goal of the game is to get your puck in your opponent's goal. It must go all the way through in order to count as a point. Sometimes, a puck will get stuck in the goal but not go all the way in, and these situations do not score you a point.

You can only hit the puck when it is on your side, and your mallet cannot cross the center line. You also can't cover the puck with your mallet, as this is considered cheating.


This new exciting air hockey table offers music and lights to make it a fun and dynamic experience for the player. It has a scoreboard that automatically tallies points as the air hockey players score, and every time a player scores, a light show plays. The motor is powerful, offering more competitive gameplay as the air moves the puck across the board more quickly. It also glides across smoothly and with ease, making the gameplay smooth and enjoyable. The music system helps tell the story of the game, changing with scores and as the game progresses.

The colors of the table give a sharp, edgy look, making it stylish and fashionable. The legs are sturdy and keep the table at a steady playing level.


Some players have revealed that the table can scratch easily. You must also be gentle with it, as too much roughhousing can damage the filter. In addition, some people have had difficulty getting the digital scoreboard to work. Thankfully, there's a 30-day warranty to give you time to ensure all components are working correctly.

This hockey table game is an excellent addition to your home or arcade. Let the music and lights transform your environment and take you to a different world while you immerse yourself in the experience that is playing an intense game of air hockey. Contact us for more information on this hockey table.

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