Understanding The Ping Pong Rules

Ping Pong Rules

Understanding The Ping Pong Rules: If ping pong sounds appealing to you and you want to play it either professionally or casually, then it’s important to know the ping pong rules. Thankfully, the game is not full of challenging rules, it’s actually pretty easy to get into once you get the hang of it. But you do need to understand a few things in order to play properly and not have to worry about anything.

Ping Pong Rules

Every game is played up to 11 points

One of the main ping pong rules is that you play up to 11 points, and in order to win you need to be up with 2 points. Normally every match is a best of 3 from 5 games in total.

Tossing the ball straight up during a serve

Hold the ball in your palm, toss it up and strike when it’s on the way down. You will need to hit it on your side of the table first, and then the other side.

Serves can land anywhere in singles

There are no restrictions for serves when it comes to where the balls will land. They can bounce a few times, hit the edge or go over the side. If it still stays inside, then everything is valid and you will find it more than ok.

Double serves

Here the double serves need to go right court to the receiver right court. It’s a very important rule and you need to stick to it if you want to play properly and without any limitations. It will help set the right ideas and you will find it easier to focus on how you implement the game ideas.

Serves alternate every 2 points

This is similar to tennis, serves will alternate, but that will be every 2 points. If there’s a 10-10 situation, then the serves will alternate every point. There’s no special rule for game points, the person whose turn is to serve then will be the one serving.

You can’t volley

Volleys are not allowed in ping pong rules. Normally you can in tennis, but here you will basically offer a free point to the opponent. So yes, you are unable to volley, these are the ping pong rules.

Can you touch the ball with your paddle hand?

Yes, this is allowed and you will be able to touch the ball with the paddle hand. If you touch it with the other hand, then the opponents will receive a point.

Other ping pong rules to consider

You will need to alternate hitting in a doubles rally, and if the hit bounces over the net and you get to score, that point is valid. All the little things matter in ping pong, and that’s why the ping pong rules can be quite strict. It’s still impressive to see just how fun it is to play ping pong and you will find yourself constantly trying to improve. Just consider giving it a shot and you will be immersed yourself in the experience!

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