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Original Fat Cat 3 in 1 Game Table Review

The Fat Cat 3 in 1 game table is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy playing popular games like billiards, table tennis, and air hockey in their recreation room but don’t have the space to have a dedicated table for each. Cleverly named the Pockey Table, this is the original version of the innovative multi-game playing system that so many people remember fondly from their childhood. Back in the day, if you wanted to play any of these games, you had to head out to an arcade, bowling alley, or tavern, and feed the machine coins in order to play. The invention of the Fat Cat 3 in 1 game table allowed families and their friends to have fun playing pool, ping pong, and air hockey right in the privacy of their own homes with plenty of room left over for other games and furnishings. Here’s a closer look at the Fat Cat Pockey Table multi-game system.

Everything Needed To Play, All In One Small Package

The ingenious tri-fold design of the Original Fat Cat 3, along with its patented quick latch locking system, allows for the compact integration of three popular games and all the tools and accessories needed to play in one compact unit utilizing only a third of the space they would normally require. To play a different game, just turn the table over to another playing surface, lock it in place, and you’re ready to go.

Assembling the Fat Cat 3 in 1 game table is simple and straightforward and doesn’t take much time to complete. Built-in easy-adjust leg levelers make leveling the playing area a cinch. All of the accessories, balls, sticks, paddles, etc., can be stowed securely away in their own built-in storage areas so they are out of the way until needed. The legs of the table can be folded up for compact storage or it can be left in its upright condition ready to play. The unique latching system renders the table more structurally stable than the sliding connecting pins that most other manufacturers use, which can loosen and break. Natural rubber bumpers surround the play area, giving an authentic bounce to gameplay, and a manual scoring mechanism keeps track of points.

The Fat Cat Pockey Table is constructed of durable materials intended to provide for years of hard gameplay and abuse, even the kind that can be dished out by kids. 

Fat Cat Billiards

The playing surface on the billiards side of the table is very comparable to the ones found on expensive professional-grade tables. It’s covered with durable heavy-duty Tetolon cloth which provides a smooth, fast, and flat playing field for unimpeded ball momentum. The built-in side and corner drop-in pockets collect balls efficiently, and the table also includes easy-to-see opal-colored target points at strategic locations above the real rubber bumpers. Accessories include two 57” cue sticks, a set of billiard balls, a hard plastic racking triangle, two cue chalks, and a surface brush. 

Fat Cat Air Hockey

The air hockey side of the Fat Cat 3 in 1 game table provides the same fast action that fans have come to expect. It does this by using a powerful 110v electric motor capable of pushing out up to 80 cubic feet of air per minute through the cushioning ports. The motor is equipped with a 16’ power cord threaded through an internal channel and out of a special spindle opening so you don’t have to worry about the cord being tangled when you flip the table to the other side. The playing area features attractive and eye-catching hockey rink-style flame graphics that veteran players will appreciate. Accessories include four hand pushers and four air hockey pucks. 

Fat Cat Table Tennis

The table tennis playing field is quickly created by turning the table to the billiards side and connecting three flat sections of particle board together on top of it and attaching the net across the middle. Total setup time is about a minute. The play area is smaller than a regulation table but plenty big enough for fun and action-packed play. Accessories include two table tennis paddles and two balls. 

The Original Fat Cat 3 in 1 game table is a must-have addition to any game room. 

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