Level Up Your Poker Nights with BBO Poker Tables

Level Up Your Poker Nights with BBO Poker Tables

Having a good time playing poker is even better when you do it on a real poker table. However, with so many options, picking the right one can be quite challenging. Some of the best tables come from BBO among these hundreds of options.

Discover the quality and characteristics of the best BBO poker tables in this article. Learn their edge from other tables and why you should pick BBO tables for your poker nights. Find out what factors to best consider when choosing the right poker table.


Why Choose BBO Poker Tables?

BBO has been providing sturdy poker tables since 2006. They focus on creating gaming tables of high quality that can make each game session special and personalized. BBO tables are some of the best models in the market. Here are the following reasons why:

They’re Customizable

BBO offers personalized gaming experiences by providing customizations to customers.BBO tables offer the most choices to customize your poker experience. You can pick different things like the playing surface, armrests, legs, and LEDs based on your preference. This lets you match your poker table with how you designed your game room or its theme. It's not just about making it work well; it's also about making it look good in your gaming space.

They Have Different Player Capacities

Up to ten people can play poker in one game. Depending on how many people will regularly use the table, you can choose various BBO tables with different player capacities. You can get an oval-shaped table for up to ten player capacity. You can also get an octagon or round-shaped table for lower capacity.

They Have a Lot of Accessories

You can use BBO tables with various poker accessories. Although you’d have to buy them separately, you can pair your table with matching chairs, mats, table covers, playing cards, cup holders, and more. This lets you assemble a full and matching poker setup, making your gaming space look good and work well. These accessories can make your setup more unique and add to the fun of your poker games.

They Come in Different Types

Aside from the shape, BBO poker tables also come in different styles. Specifically, you can get these types of poker tables from BBO:

  • Dining Tops: These poker tables have table tops similar to a dining table. They don’t have the usual mat material on top that makes a poker table look like a poker table.

  • Premium: These are standard poker tables in different shapes and designs.

  • Folding: These are foldable tables that can be easily stored away when not in use or transported to a new place.

They Offer a Lifetime Warranty

BBO offers a lifetime warranty for their tables. This warranty covers all non-consumable parts and hardware of their tables. This means it doesn’t cover parts like the foam, armrests, and layouts—these are subject to normal wear and tear.


Some Popular Poker Tables from BBO

Here are some of the most popular tables from BBO:

BBO Poker Table Aces Pro

This has a casino-approved quality, making it one of the best go-to options in BBO. It comes with heavy-duty folding legs and a removable playing surface for convenience. It can withstand intense poker plays and hold up to 700 lbs of weight. You can quickly move and store it with its folded, compact size.


  • Dimensions: 96” x 48” x 30”
  • Player Capacity: 10 Players + 1 Dealer
  • Table Weight: 80 lbs
  • Playing Surface: Felt without a racetrack
  • Shape: Oval

BBO Poker Table Aces Pro Alpha

This poker table is an upgraded version of the Aces Pro—it comes with lights. Like the original version, it has heavy-duty legs that can withstand plays even when they get intense. Its integrated LED lights can be customized using an app so you can change the color and intensity when playing. This can set a more serious and fun mood when playing poker.


  • Dimensions: 96.5” x 48” x 32.5”
  • Player Capacity: 10 Players + 1 Dealer
  • Table Weight: 80 lbs
  • Playing Surface: Felt without a racetrack
  • Shape: Oval

BBO The Ultimate Poker Table (UPT)

This is the poker table that offers ultimate comfort when playing poker. It has built-in cup holders to place your drink and a well-padded armrest. This signature table’s legs are heavy-duty and fold, making it versatile.


  • Dimensions: 92” x 44” x 30”
  • Player Capacity: 10 Players 
  • Table Weight: 80 lbs
  • Playing Surface: Felt with racetrack
  • Shape: Oval


How to Choose the Right BBO Poker Table

There are three main factors to consider when picking the perfect BBO poker table for your needs. These include:

Prioritize Features Preferences

BBO tables can come with varying features. There are specific tables that come with LEDs, while others don’t. Plus, some models have built-in cup holders while some don’t. Make sure to consider what features you want your table to have. This will help you initially lessen your options.

Think About What Type You Require

Do you have limited space in the room where you’ll place the table? Will you be constantly moving the table or storing it away? How many max players do you think would play poker with you?

Answer these questions to determine the type of BBO table you need. If you answer yes to the first two, look for models with folding legs for convenience. Depending on your answer to the last question, you can get a table with low or high player capacity.

Prepare a Budget

BBO offers a wide variety of poker tables. From simple to signature tables and from casino-style to dining-top tables. These tables have different price ranges. Your preferences and required table types can fall under these categories. The best way to narrow your choices is to look at the costs.

These tables can cost from about $1,400 to around $5,000. For an easier shopping process, decide on a budget—the maximum amount you will spend on a poker table.


Get Your Own BBO Poker Table Now!

BBO poker tables are some of the most popular tables in the market. Many poker players and enthusiasts prefer them due to their high-quality, sturdy builds. They also appreciate their versatile designs and styles. Whatever your preferences are, you can always find one that suits your poker needs and aesthetic taste. Look at our BBO collection to check out some more BBO products!

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