Kestell Poker Tables

Kestell Poker Tables Review: Pros and Cons

No game room is complete without a poker table. At home, in a clubhouse, or in any other setting, the best way to invite people to play a game of cards is a fully tricked-out poker table.

If you’re thinking about setting up a weekly game night with your friends, you will need a centerpiece for the evening. And the best choice is a Kestell poker table.

About Kestell Furniture

Texas Hold ’Em is an all-American pastime, so it’s only fitting that you play on American-made furniture. Kestell poker tables are proudly made in America by a family-owned company in Wisconsin. The company has been crafting game tables for poker and other card games since its founding in 1950. That’s over 70 years of expertise crafting the best poker tables for your playing pleasure.

Each Kestell poker table is made to order, and the company ships products across the US and internationally.

Apart from poker tables, Kestell Furniture makes folding chairs, barrel tables, farm tables, and farm benches. All of Kestell Furniture’s pieces are made of wood using proprietary techniques and patented technology.

Popular Poker Tables by Kestell Furniture

Kestell poker tables have been used in thousands of game rooms worldwide for decades. Over time, several of their designs have emerged as popular favorites among players.

Here are three of the most popular Kestell poker table models and their pros and cons:

Kestell #86 / Kestell #98

A simple but strong design anchors Kestell #86 and Kestell #98, with a heavy-duty, completely assembled pedestal base providing a solid foundation. The only difference between the two models is their size: #86 is larger (57 inches in diameter), and #98 is smaller (52 inches).

These Kestell poker tables are made with oak or maple wood and come in various finishes and color options.


  • Pedestal design saves floor space
  • Matching wooden golden chairs are available
  • Heavy wooden base provides stability


  • Hard to move around once installed
  • Shallow cup holders

Kestell #83 / Kestell #91

Those who need a portable card table should consider Kestell #83 and Kestell #91. Between the two, #83 is larger (57 inches in diameter), and #91 is smaller (52 inches).

Both poker tables are lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Folding legs make it easy to store
  • Durable "Sur-Loc" Steel folding leg mechanism
  • Comes with optional service top


  • Requires setting up before every use
  • Shallow cup holders

Kestell Deluxe Folding Game Table

Who said your game table can’t also be used for family gatherings? Of all the Kestell poker tables, the Deluxe Folding Game Table is the most versatile. It seats a large group and comes with a scratch-resistant service top for uses beyond card games.


  • Can seat up to ten people
  • Doubles up as a dining table with a service top
  • Durable dual-lacquer top coat


  • May be oversized for small rooms
  • Too large for smaller games with less than five players

Where to Buy Kestell Poker Tables

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