Joola Noctis 19mm table tennis table

Joola Noctis 19mm Table Tennis Table

Joola Noctis 19mm table tennis table

Bring in a sleek modern table to elevate your games room when playing with friends.

The Joola Noctis 19mm table tennis table keeps everything minimal yet modern with a sleek look. Standing out from other tables is the fact that this has a unique design when it comes to the ball holders. There are four built-in holders, each of which can accommodate three balls.

For those eager to keep track of their results, there is a magnetic abacus scoreboard. This is easy to update as the scores change throughout a game, and is a great addition for those who can get a bit competitive.

Setup is easy and straightforward. The table is 95% pre-assembled so that it can be used and played on in less than fifteen minutes. There are additional accessories as well. These include four Joola Essential Gold Rackets. Each of these has a 1.8 mm sponge. There are also six orange and six white one-star 40 mm plastic table tennis balls.

In terms of surface, the Joola Noctis 19mm table tennis table is professional grade. It has a 19 mm charcoal MDF surface for a smooth finish. This finish means that it has a consistent bounce during gameplay. The table accommodates four players easily. But, it's possible to play on this by yourself as well, as it is compatible with solo playback. Simply put half the table up against the wall so that when you hit the ball, you have that quality surface giving you the bounceback.

The net can be adjusted and uses a net tension system to ensure it's just right for playing. Additionally, the net is made of high-quality netting and is set on the table using a clamp post for extra stability. In fact, it's the same quality as the nets used in tournaments or clubs.

The Joola Noctis 19mm table tennis table is also compatible and accessible for all player types. With the adjustable height levelers, it means that anyone can play, from children through to adults. Once it's in position, the table isn't going to move anywhere either as there are 3-inch locking caster wheels at the bottom of each of the reinforced steel legs. These are 1.2 mm gauge commercial grade. There's also a 1.5-inch apron.

As a whole, the table is lighter than most, coming in at just 210 pounds. This makes it very easy to move around and adjust. However, the lightness does mean it's not quite as durable as some of the heavier table tennis tables out there. That being said, it's still got a sturdy frame for regular use.

The undercarriage has a powder-coated finish. This helps to prevent rust and to ensure that it will last for years. However, it shouldn't be kept outdoors or anywhere that's got extreme temperatures or gets wet.

The table has a surface thickness of 19 mm. So, it's not quite as thick as those used for professional games — they are 25 mm thick. However, it's a good choice for practice play without having to spend too much extra for the thicker surface.

Finally, for further stability, there is a dual safety anti-tilting locking device. This is in place for when the table is being used for play. It is also available when in the storage position too, to prevent any unexpected movement or accidents from occurring.


  1. Adjustable so that anyone can play
  2. Professional quality surface for improved gaming
  3. Simple, magnetic scoreboard
  4. Balanced and stable even on uneven surfaces
  5. Compact storage


  1. Not weatherproof so cannot be left outdoors
  2. Lightweight table isn't suitable for everyone

Final thoughts

The Joola Noctis 19mm table tennis table is a good mid-point table between professional and amateur. With the 19 mm thickness and quality surface finish, this gives a good, regular bounce when playing. The frame isn't as solid as some, but means it's more lightweight while maintaining good durability. It comes almost completely assembled and there is an instruction manual for additional setup. Finally, the price point for the product is excellent, so it offers good value for money.

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