How To Play With Your Stick Hockey Table

How To Play With Your Stick Hockey Table

If you’re a big fan of hockey but want to play the sport without involving ice, skates or bruises, you may want to buy yourself a stick hockey table. Stick hockey is also sometimes referred to as board hockey, table hockey, bubble hockey, or rod hockey. It’s designed for two players and can be a lot of fun.

However, before you can master the game, you first need to learn how to play it! Here is a brief guide on how to play this fun and challenging game.

Components of a Stick Hockey Table

When you buy a table for your stick hockey games, you should expect it to include the following components:

• At least two pucks
• A set of stick hockey players (in two different colors)
• A shatter-resistant plastic dome covering the top of the table

Hockey stick tables come in different sizes, so you should take the time to measure your available space when determining what size of table to purchase for your game room.

How To Play

Now that you know what a standard stick hockey table looks like, it’s time to learn how to play this action-packed game. As you might have guessed, the rules are similar to regular hockey. If you need a refresher, here’s the basics of how to play.

Two players stand on opposite ends of the table. The players take turns trying to score goals by hitting one of the small hockey pucks into the opposing player’s “net.” To score goals, players control cutout figures on the table that represent hockey players for each team.

To manipulate the players, you use the rods that are located on your side of the hockey table. The rods are designed to slide forward and backward inside a designated slot. They can also rotate to allow the plastic “players” to shoot the puck.

Unlike air hockey, which is a simpler game that involves trying to get the puck into the opposing player’s slot, a stick hockey table is a more accurate representation of how an actual hockey game is played.

For a player to score a goal, the puck must go into and stay inside the goal cage. Depending on how strict you are, you may also want to follow the “five-second rule,” which states that a player cannot retain the puck without shooting or passing for more than five seconds.

Order Your Stick Hockey Table Today

Whether you've dreamed of playing hockey but don't want to risk getting out on the ice, or you simply want a new game table to add to your home, a stick hockey table is a fun and classic option. Some people describe table hockey as akin to playing chess at hundreds of miles per hour. In other words, it’s a fast-paced game with little time for rest and relaxation.

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