Fat Cat Pool Tables

Fat Cat Pool Tables

Whether you’re a seasoned billiard player or seeking a fun activity to unwind with friends, pool tables are the perfect centerpiece for your game room. Manufactured to provide functionality and style, the Fat Cat pool tables are unmatched in their sturdiness and portability. 

If you’re ready to add excitement and luxury to your home, it’s vital to learn more about the Fat Cat billiards. This article will explore how these tables ensure endless hours of enjoyment:

Fat Cat Frisco 7.5’ Billiard Table

The Fat Cat Frisco pool table is built to last, featuring a sturdy surface and leveling system that allows you to enjoy endless hours of consistent, interruption-free gaming!


  • Strong Rails and Surface- Boasting 6” wide and 1.5” thick solid wood rails, the Fat Cat Frisco table ensures longevity.
  • Built-in Leg Leveling- Enjoy quality and consistent pool laying experience with the billiard tables’ innovative leg leveling feature.
  • Complete Pool Playing Set- Comes with up to two 57” cue sticks, a 2.25” billiard ball set, a resin triangle, and a rail brush.


  • Add a touch of classiness and excitement to your game room with the Frisco table.
  • Play confidently on uneven surfaces with the built-in feature.
  • Enjoy hassle-free pool playing with a 7-year warranty and Accuslate surface.

Fat Cat Reno 7.5’ Billiard Table

Go beyond an unparalleled gaming experience and a touch of class to your living space with the Fat Cat Reno billiard table.


  • Sturdy Rails and Bumpers- Features 1.5” thick wood rails, K66 rubber bumpers, and diamond inlays for quality responsiveness and perfect shots.
  • Built-in Leg Leveling- Hit your best shots on any surface with the Reno billiard table’s built-in leg leveling features.
  • Guaranteed Quality- Offers affordability and peace of mind with its robust Accuslate surface and comprehensive billiard set.


  • Elevate your play with the Reno pool table’s rubber bumpers and solid wood rails.
  • Ensure elegance in your living space with its retro, classy design.
  • Play confidently on a smooth Accuslate surface backed by a 7-year warranty.

Fat Cat Tucson 7’ Billiard Table

For those with limited gaming space, the Fat Cat Tucson 7’ Billiard Table is the perfect option. Its premium quality finish and attractive design make a statement in your gaming room.


  • Compact and Convenient- Fits in smaller gaming rooms without sacrificing fun and quality with its exciting ball return mechanism and 818 rubber bumpers.
  • Built-in Leg Leveling- Involves well-carved, curved pedestal-style legs with built-in leg leveling to enhance your pool playing experience.
  • Comprehensive Billiard Set- Includes the complete pool table set with billiard balls and cues for uninterrupted fun.


  • Enjoy an unexceptional gaming experience with 818 rubber bumpers and 6” rails.
  • Gain unmatched convenience with the built-in leg leveling and ball return features.
  • Upgrade your gaming room’s aesthetic with its sleek and modern look.

The Bottom Line: Why Choose My Game Tables?

Enhance your gaming nights’ with friends and families with the Fat Cat billiard tables. With these exceptional quality tables, you enjoy unmatched quality at an affordable price.

If you’re ready to introduce a luxurious, functional, and sturdy billiard table boasting durability and longevity, the Fat Cat pool tables are the perfect way to go! Create lasting memories with your friends and families by placing a timeless and fun billiard table in your gaming room.

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