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Faceoff Between: Fat Cat Tucson 7' Billiard Table and Fat Cat Trueshot 6' Folding Billiard Table

My Game Tables is your go-to place for the ultimate game tables. Our fatcat pool tables are the secret to every thrilling game room experience. This blog will present a faceoff between two exceptional billiard tables.

Fat Cat Tucson 7' Billiard Table


Tucson MMXI, priced at $1,099.99, stands tall at 7 feet with its modern design and superior gameplay. This sleek black table makes your game room look like a classic arcade. It has a stylish appearance as the pockets have been cleverly integrated into the rails. The ball return system is hidden, so it doesn't hinder the aesthetics.

The playing surface, located beneath the thick cloth cover, provides a smooth playing surface that lasts long and is warp-resistant. Solid rails have 818 rubber bumpers, which are resilient yet elastic to keep the bounce.


The Tucson MMXI becomes the focal point of any game room it is placed in. The practical 7' table maintains the same high level of competition even in smaller spaces. Covered with an electric blue cloth and sleek black finish, completes the look of your game room and accentuates modern decor. Its high-quality slate replacement playing surface is perfect for an intense play-off. The 1.5" thick solid rails feature iconic white diamond inlays for precise shot alignment. With the elastic 818 rubber bumpers, the rails retain their bounce for years, ensuring consistent and enjoyable gameplay.

With all that Tucson MMXI offers, it doesn't feel that it's costing you an arm and a leg. Each set contains a full set of 2.25" billiard balls, two pieces of chalk, a resin triangle, etc. This arcade-style furniture piece exudes class without putting a dent in your pocket.

Fat Cat Trueshot 6' Folding Billiard Table


The Fat Cat Trueshot 6' Folding Billiard Table, priced at $772.50, offers both portability and fun. Its folding and unfolding leg design ensures an effortless assembly. The fitted levelers offer the ease and flexibility of setting it up wherever you like and allow you to free up space for gatherings. Everything you need to get started playing pool is included with the Trueshot pool table, including two 57" pool cues, a triangle, a set of pool balls, and a table brush.


Trueshot 6's compact design makes it perfect for smaller rooms, and its quick setup, takedown times and leg levelers ensure great flexibility. Every shot bounces consistently with the help of K-818 rubber bumpers. The legs have a locking mechanism to remain stable, providing a worry-free gaming experience.

Also, the Fat Cat Trueshot only requires the unfolding of the legs and the insertion of four bolts to be ready to use. And it comes with everything; two 57" pool cues, a triangle, a bag of common pool balls (2.25"), and a table brush.

Wrap Up

The Fat Cat Tucson 7' Billiard Table is ideal for people looking for an eccentric centerpiece for their game room. On the other hand, the Fat Cat Trueshot 6' Folding Billiard Table is best for people who prioritize convenience over luxury.

Both of these fatcat pool tables cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you opt for the Tucson MMXI or the Trueshot, you'll find the perfect match at My Game Tables.

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