Carrom Foosball Tables

Carrom Foosball Tables

Carrom is a table game where a small disc (the carrom) is struck between two players using a cue. The game's objective is to score points by hitting the opponent's pieces with one's own. The name comes from the Hindi word "karrom," meaning "to strike or hit." The game originated in southern India as early as the 1700s, first appearing in print in 1801, where it was called "carambolage." Carrom reached North America via British colonial rule and has enjoyed popularity there since before World War II—Prince Philip played it during his tour of Canada and the United States with Queen Elizabeth II in 1956, and then again at Buckingham Palace later that year.

Features of the Carrom Foosball Table

The table's sides are 1" in thickness, with a colored laminate finish that adds a touch of style. The table's play surface is 3/8" thick and fitted with a wear-resistant screen. This gives you a great surface to play on, with the corners ramped for goalie assembly. Leg boots include leveling feet to keep your table level and protect against scratches or scuffs on hard floors like wood or tile.

There are many reasons to get a Carrom foosball table

Here's why you should consider getting one of your own:

  • Great design elements. You can expect unique markings on the table's surface that make it look even more like real soccer fields, and they placed little players around the board to feel more realistic as you play. It's also easy to move around if you want to use it in different rooms or outside—and since this is an indoor table, you can play inside or out! 

  • Sturdy and well-made. This is a game table made with care from durable materials like steel rods instead of plastic ones (which tend not to last as long). Plus, there are no sharp edges around where players go back and forth, so there won't be any accidents between them during games either! This means no injuries will occur while playing either, which means better safety overall when using these types of things at home."

Carrom foosball tables have great design elements

Carrom foosball tables have a similar design to the men on a real table. The men are made of wood and handpainted to look like real players. They are fixed on hollow steel rods with a chrome finish. These rods also have ergonomic handles, which will help you move them around easily when playing with your opponent. In addition, they come with a ball return system that returns the balls into play after you shoot them out of their goal. Also included in this package is an instruction manual that teaches you how to set up your table properly and how to play foosball!

Many people already own and love their Carrom foosball table, and they have nothing bad to say about it!

Another benefit of owning one of these tables is that there are so many fun games and variations of play you can try out with friends or family members! And unlike other types of foosball tables, this one doesn't take up much space: just 46 inches long by 30 inches wide by 30 inches high (without wheels). This makes it easy for even smaller apartments or houses!

Whether you play a lot or just casually, you'll enjoy owning your own Carrom foosball table!

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