Bubble Hockey Tables

The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Hockey Tables: Everything You Need to Know

Lately, bubble tables are enjoying wide popularity in game rooms and other recreational areas. Such arcade style tables provide a rare and thrilling way of gaming and have gained significant popularity through their use in movies and TV shows.

Sometimes referred to as rod hockey or dome hockey, bubble hockey is a classic tabletop game that replicates the speed and action of ice hockey. It was first created in the late 1970s and has since grown into a popular activity for all hockey fans young and old. The game has a dome-shaped playing surface and players are drawn as small figurines that are controlled by rods so that they can slide, pass, and shoot the puck. carrom bubble hockey are found in almost every sports bar, game room, and home and they are enjoyed by the players and the spectators.

If you are thinking of buying a hockey table, there are a few critical considerations. This complete guide will review all you wanted to know about hockey tables: their background, attributes, and care .Therefore, let us begin.

History of Bubble Tables: Bubble Tables History

As was noted, bubble hockey was made in the 70s by the company called Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE). The game quickly gained a lot of popularity, quickly becoming used as a pastime in sports bars and arcades. However, due to its growing popularity, bubble hockey tables soon began to be found in the homes of people across North America and beyond.

The attractiveness of bubble hockey tables lies in the fact that they provide a high-action game play and the traditional feeling of playing a sport in an arcade-like environment. They are suitable for all ages, so they are a convenient choice for families and fans of gaming.

Over the years, several innovations and improvements have been made to the bubble hockey technology, which has resulted in the production of more durable and realistic tables. These days, there are various brands and models of hockey tables in the market which help people to pick the one that is best for them.

Introduction of carrom super stick hockey table

USA based Carrom company has been making state-of-the-art game tables since 1890.This brand is famous for manufacturing different types of games tables – air hockey, foosball, and, naturally, bubble hockey.

One of the most favoured items in the bubble table range of the brand is the carrom table hockey. With its modern look and developed options it is a first choice among buyers. It is ideal for all ages, thus, it is a good fit for any game room, bar, or sporting facility.

Features and Components of Hockey Tables

However, the difference in the quality of bubble table’s is the first point to make before discussing features and components. Every type and model may have some special characteristic. However, some general components and features that you can expect to find on most bubble tables include:

  1. Dome: The major characteristic of a bubble table is its dome-like playing field. This dome has many uses, including, protecting the players and puck from flying out of the table, creating a level playing field, and producing a professional ice hockey arena effect.
  1. Playing Surface: The surface to play on is often made of a smooth material, for example, plastic or laminate, allowing for quick puck moving and game-playing. Moreover, some tables are covered with a finish to prevent the puck from sticking.
  1. PlayersThe hockey tables have small hockey player figurines on rods. This rods are operated by the players to control the players, pass, and shoot the puck.
  1. Scoreboard: Nearly all modern hockey tables have an electronic scoreboard incorporated into the table that remembers the score and game time. This in turn, adds to the full-immersion and makes the game more challenging.
  1. Legs and Cabinet: A cabinet with legs supports every bubble hockey table. The type and style of legs and cabinet are different according to the table model and brand.

Different Types of Hockey Tables

Like stated, bubble tables come in different types found in the contemporary market.Some popular ones include:

  1. Arcade-Style: The latter is the traditional hockey tables that are found in sports bars and arcades. They are big, strong and designed for heavy use.
  1. Home-Style: They are scaled down versions of arcade-style tables meant specifically for home use. They are usually cheaper and have less functions, which makes them perfect for casual playing.
  1. Customized: Some manufacturers provide the facility to get personalized hockey tables wherein the buyer can add team logos, colors, and other customized features.

Benefits of Owning a Hockey Table

The benefits of having a bubble hockey table are numerous, which makes it worth the investment for any hockey fan.Some of these include:

  1. Fun and Entertainment: Fun and enjoyment are probably the most evident advantages of having a bubble hockey table. Bubble hockey is a game that could be played with friends and family, and in case you are a diehard hockey fan, then it is indeed a game you have been searching for.
  1. Physical Activity: Bubble hockey can be also considered a kind of physical activity as hands and arms are used to control the rods, and tactical moves are made. This is particularly advantageous for babies, as it helps them in advancing their motor skills and coordination.
  1. Bonding Time: Bubble hockey is an excellent means of interacting with friends and loved ones. The game’s speed and competitive nature will surely unite people and generate lifelong memories.

Maintenance of Hockey Tables

To keep your bubble table in optimal condition, maintenance is very important. Here are some tips for maintaining your table

  1. Clean the Surface Regularly: Dust and debris can accumulate on the playing surface of a bubble table causing the puck to move irregularly. Wipe the surface down as often as is necessary with a wet cloth to remove any dirt or dust. 
  1. Lubricate Rods and Bearings: To ensure the rods and bearings are operative, lubricate them with a silicone spray or oil on a regular basis.
  1. Check for Loose Parts: Ensure that no parts are loose or missing, like players or rods, and tighten or replace if necessary.
  1. Store in a Dry Location: Bubble tables do best indoors in a dry area to avoid any harm that may come from water or extreme temperature.

Pros and Cons

As with any product, buying the Tradimento could result in both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of the carrom sports hockey table


- Enormous, standard size playing field.

- Sturdy construction and materials.

- Electronic score unit and sound effects create fun.

- Gameplay is smooth and fast with the innovative gear box.

- Appropriate for players of all ages.


- May be as well to big for some to handle and set up alone.

- Certain customers have noted little problems with the electronic scoring unit.

- The higher market value in comparison with other bubble hockey tables.


To sum up, bubble hockey tables provide a full and exciting indulgement for hockey fans of all ages. Starting from the 70s when they were invented, and all the types and options that we have today, they have come a long way in providing real and thrilling gameplay. Whether you need a new thing to your game room or a fun thing for the whole family, a bubble hockey table is a good investment that will bring on hours of fun. Only don’t forget to look after it to make sure that it serves for years.

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