BBO Poker Tables - The Casino-Style Setup

BBO Poker Tables: The Casino-Style Setup for Your Game Nights

Company Info and Product Overview

BBO Poker Tables is a California-based company founded in 2006 that specializes in producing and selling gaming tables as well as adjacent supplies. Their mission is to connect humans by playing together on personalized game tables. One of their key goals is to deliver the highest product quality and provide as many options for customizing as possible so everyone can enjoy a unique gaming table. Their line of poker tables is one of the best in quality and sturdiness you can find on the market right now.

Sizes and Shapes of BBO Poker Tables

The poker tables from BBO can accommodate between two and ten players and a designated dealer. Different shape options are available, like round, oval, and kidney-shaped ones. There are also rectangular and square options available to fit every living situation.

Speaking of which, if there's not enough space in your home for a designated poker table, you can have your table with a dining top option. For everyday use, keep up the dining top, and for game night, just put it aside to enjoy your BBO Poker Table to Page 2 of 3 the fullest.

The gaming tables that will accommodate up to ten players are pretty big as they measure around 102 by 48 inches. Smaller tables with different shapes are an option to fit any living situation. For example, the round one comes with a diameter of 55 inches and still has enough space for eight players, and even has a dining top available so there is no space wasted.


BBO Poker Tables come with an unprecedented heavy and solid quality that would also fit a casino well. The sturdy construction makes up for an enduring impression.

They're also fully customizable so that you can design an unique poker table. The playing surface can be ordered in classic velveteen as well as speed cloth, so the cards can slide over the table like they do in the casino. If you really want to up your game, you can order a completely custom playing surface with your chosen design.

There are different upholstery options for armrests as well as individual designs for the cupholders. You can also order suiting chairs for your poker table. Also, BBO Poker Tables are up to speed with modern technology, as most tables are fitted with USB chargers as well as built-in LED lighting to give the table an even more distinctive look.


The heavy and sturdy quality makes a BBO Poker Table not so easy to move around. Even when you have a table with foldable legs, you'll need at least two people for assembly and disassembly.

Also, the quality and customization options come at a price. A BBO Poker Table will set you back by at least four figures.

In conclusion, BBO Poker Tables are a terrific way to make the game night unforgettable for you and your friends and family.

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